2022 NanoFest 14-17 July

Build a Computer
Please Note: This is an archived page for an event held in 2022

What do all the main components in a computer actually do? How do they work together to perform all the functions you need? Join our computer building workshop to find out! Using e-waste and recycled computer parts, you’ll build, test and run a desktop computer – and if you get it working, you might even be able to take it home.

In association with Com2Tech, in this workshop, you'll be learning about all the various computer parts and putting them together into a functional computer (with plenty of troubleshooting along the way). All parts are sourced from discarded and donated computers - they aren't the newest, but they work!

Once the computer is built, you may have the option of taking it home with you. This is based on availability and necessity - computers will be prioritised for households without any, then if you don't have any, then everyone else. The computers will work and have basic functionality and wifi, but won't come with any warranties or promise of future support. Questions around eligibility will be asked during ticket purchase.

Appropriate for ages 14+

Thank you to Com2Tech for their gear and expertise, to Cargill Enterprises for their e-waste support, and the DCC Waste Minimisation Grant for making this workshop possible.