2021 Festival 8-18 July

AquaBot Regional Competition
Tweens |Teens

Come and watch the very first Otago regional AquaBot competition! Teams and individuals from Otago will be showcasing their aquatic robot skills: navigating underwater obstacle courses and conducting geothermal sensing. Teams will compete from 11am.

Following the competition spectators will get a chance to have a go at directing the aquabots through the obstacle course.

Spectating at this event is free - ask for a spectator's ticket at the front desk of Moana Pool.

What are AquaBots?

An AquaBot is a remotely operated underwater vehicle. It can have varying levels of sophistication which generates a broad appeal to children and youth. Students design and build an NZAquaBot from the supplied kit and develop skills in its operation. The programme culminates in an regional or national event. Check out these AquaBots in action:

Who takes part?

Teams of up to 6 members are formed from all school levels, or within other groups such as Sea Scouts or Youth groups.

NZAquaBots programme inspires students and helps discover the next generation of Kiwi scientists and engineers while introducing potential maritime and robotics careers.

Interested in competing in the event?

To order an NZAquaBots kit, please email: web@ministryofinspiration.org

If you would like to sign up for the competition, visit: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/nzaquabots-2021-dunedin-tickets-152929852305

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