2021 Festival 8-18 July

Exploring Dunedin's Volcano

Take a boat trip inside Dunedin's volcano! A volcano expert will be on board to help us identify the different layers of lava you can see from the harbor, as well as the dykes of rock where lava tried to flow but got frozen in time. This trip also includes making a volcano onboard the boat that we get to explode, and a take-home information sheet, so you can remember your visit to the Dunedin volcano!

Port Chlamers departure is at 10:15am from Back Beach (39 Peninsula Beach Road).
Portobello departure is at 11:30am from Portobello Wharf (837 Portobello Road).

Please enquire for different locations or times than shown here.

Cruise is 1 hour in duration.
Bathroom onboard, heated cabin.

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