2021 Festival 8-18 July

Inhalers & Artificial Lungs: Fighting Lung Disease
Teens |Adults

New methods for fighting lung diseases are under research at the University of Otago’s School of Pharmacy. Powder inhalers are the future of treating diseases like asthma and COVID-19. In this workshop, you will visit the laboratory of Associate Professor Shyamal Das at the School of Pharmacy and learn about how his research team is using an ‘artificial lung’ to develop more effective lung treatments. You will learn how the artificial lung works, what happens in your lungs when you take a puff from an inhaler, how inhalers can be used to treat COVID-19 and other lung diseases, and what the future holds for this innovative research.

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult. Due to very limited space in the lab, tickets are required for all attendees.

Only one ticket left for the Saturday 17 July, 10am session. 12pm session Sold Out.

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