2021 Festival 8-18 July

Plastic Unwrapped: The Politics of Change

Plastics have played an important role in our world for over a century, however with growing awareness of the impact plastics make, the industry is diving into disruption. But is plastic as bad as we think? Our panel will discuss the science, the challenges, and the opportunities, and how we need to adjust our own mindset to achieve the results.

Light refreshments provided, cash bar available.

About the panel:

Dr Helen Anderson- moderator
Helen has had extensive experience in research, government and governance. She was Chief Scientific Adviser and then Chief Executive at the Ministry of Research, Science and Technology until 2010.

Dame Juliet Ann Gerrard is a New Zealand biochemistry academic. She is a professor at the University of Auckland and the New Zealand Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor.

Florian Graichen is General Manager Forests at Scion. He is responsible for projects, programmes and impact delivery around replacing petrochemicals and non-sustainable materials with products from trees and other biomaterials.

Steve Anderson is the CEO of Foodstuffs South Island, a leading New Zealand retailer, and wholesaler in the grocery industry.

Rachel Barker is the CEO of Plastics NZ. Plastics NZ facilitates the development, growth and success of their members in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Dr. Gillian Worth is the lead chemist for Earthwise. She has a PhD in Chemistry and over 16 years’ experience as an environmental scientist, playing a critical role at Earthwise researching and developing products from scratch.

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