2021 Festival 8-18 July

Tiny Ruins - Solo, Under the Moon

Join us as we celebrate the 10th anniversary of acclaimed New Zealand songwriter Hollie Fullbrook’s debut album ‘Some Were Meant for Sea’ with this very special solo performance under Luke Jerram’s Moon sculpture, suspended in mid-air in Hanover Hall.

Tiny Ruins Live at Paste Studios NYC, October 2019

A rare blend of eloquent lyrical craft and explorative musicianship, the songs of Tiny Ruins have been treasured by crowds and critics for over a decade. Via an eclectic raft of influences, the musical world of Hollie Fullbrook and her band spans delicate folk, lustrous dream pop and ebullient psychedelia.

 Born in Bristol and raised in West Auckland, songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Hollie Fullbrook’s debut LP Some Were Meant For Sea (2011) featured her alone, and was quickly celebrated by radio playlists and blogs worldwide. The album’s clutch of “gorgeous vignettes” (BBC) put the artist on the map, and she took to the road to tour extensively through the UK, Europe and North America – often accompanied by musician Cass Basil on bass.

Following the tape-recorded EP Haunts (2013) with the addition of drummer Alex Freer, the then-trio began work on second album Brightly Painted One with producer Tom Healy, who later joined the band on electric guitar. Brightly Painted One (2014) was championed by the New York Times, NPR and David Lynch, & won Best Alternative Album at the New Zealand Music Awards - “…an album of quiet, devastating beauty,” wrote Pop Matters.

In between touring, Fullbrook became a sought after collaborator. A New York recording session culminated in the EP Hurtling Through (2015) with indie-rock legend Hamish Kilgour (The Clean), while single Dream Wave (2016) was recorded and produced by award-winning cult filmmaker and musician David Lynch.

Building on the sparse minimalism and intricate songwriting of earlier releases, the band’s third album Olympic Girls comprises a taut and agile quiver of songs, dancing with explorative instrumentation and a pop sensibility that springs with life. 

“I've heard Olympic Girls, and I had to pick my jaw up off the floor”, wrote Grant Smithies. “Clustered around more introspective passages typical of confessional singer-songwriters are gnarlier phrases that give her work its buzzy voltage: arresting visual images, weird associations, daisy-chains of telling detail.”

The band are currently in the final stages of recording their fourth album.

Alongside the concert, Mixologists from The Alchemist will be on hand, mixing up some space-inspired cocktails.

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