Brick Pit (with machine learning!)
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Build brick creations based on suggestions from the brick-specific machine-learning app BrickIt.

Create order out of chaos by snapping a photo of a random pile of bricks and then choosing a fun brick sculpture to build based on suggestions from the app Brickit.

How does it work? You'll use a tablet to scan a pile of bricks and then choose what to build from a list of suggestions made by the app. Brickit uses algorithms and machine learning to create customised build suggestions based on the specific bricks you have in front of you.

Children under 10 will need adult help for this activity. Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

About Brickit
Brickit is an app that scans a pile of bricks, identifies every piece in the pile, gives you ideas for what to build with them and helps you share what you make with other enthusiasts. Brickit gives you meticulous instructions but never expects you to follow them meticulously. Inspired improvisation is more their thing.

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