Edible Insects: Treat or Trick?
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Please Note: This is an archived page for an event held in 2023

Edible insects are nutritious, healthy, and sustainable! Are they cool enough for ice cream?

PLEASE NOTE: the location of this event has changed. The new location is at the University of Otago Physical Education Building, Room 213, located at 55 Union Street West. The building is located on the one-way section of Union Street West that lies between Cumberland Street and Great King Street.

Edible insects have been reported to be nutritious, healthy, economical, and a sustainable food resource. But have you ever wondered what various edible insects taste like – on their own and in as an ingredient in another product? Join us to find out.

In this event, we will be making and eating edible insect ice cream! Yum! We will also cover some interesting facts on what people, round the world, say about the taste of edible insects and insect products. You don’t want to miss it.