Is Science Making Our Food Safer?
Please Note: This is an archived page for an event held in 2023

RNZ presenter Kim Hill discusses the future of food and what it means for NZ producers and consumers with a panel of food experts.

Kim Hill, RNZ presenter, chairs a panel discussion organised by the NZ Food Safety Science & Research Centre. Is science helping or hindering the seemingly unending challenges with our modern food production systems: the emergence of new or deadlier pathogens and pests, increased scrutiny of chemical use, the packaging revolution and climate change? This event will be recorded for later broadcast by RNZ. There will be time for questions following the panel.

The panel of experts comprises: Distinguished Professor Phil Bremer (University of Otago), Dr Jocelyn Eason (Plant & Food Research), Dr Peter Cressey and Dr Kristin Dyet (Institute of Environmental Science and Research), and Sirma Karapeeva (CEO, Meat Industry Association).  Professor Bremer is Chief Scientist of the NZ Food Safety Science & Research Centre and President of the NZ Institute of Food Science and Technology.