Backyard Biodiversity
All Ages

Celebrate our backyards and how we make these into happy places for us and nature.

Backyards can be refuges for wildlife, dens for children, sources of food and nourishment, and spaces of speculation on what might have gone on before and what may be occurring out of sight. Backyards can tie us to the rhythms of nature, give us space to relax and enjoy with others. Caring for our backyards can give us a sense of achievement, inspire us and heal us. Visit the visual and interactive exhibit for all ages to learn about plants, animals and inspiring stories.

Watch this space for more information on activities that will include:

  • Making Bird Masks using colourful templates or colouring in your own

  • Learning about bird sizes using the Chocolate Fish Index

  • Building the Backyard Biodiversity Book

Children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.