50,000 Years of Life

An evening with Richie Poulton and fellow Dunedin Study researchers who will review 50 years of working with the thousand Dunedin Study members to push the boundaries of science.

Build a Computer

What do all the main components in a computer actually do? Join our computer building workshop to find out. You may even be able to take a computer home!

Chain Reactions

Explore forces and energy. Make popsicle stick bombs, demonstrate energy transfer with dominoes, see the incredible chain fountain and build your own chain reaction from our collection of random Join us for hands-on explorations of chain reactions and the forces that make them happen.
Event Cancelled

Cancelled: Chemistry and Mātauranga for Matariki

Due to COVID isolation requirements for the presenters, this show has unfortunately been cancelled. Check out the Physics show on Saturday, 2pm!The University of Otago Chemistry department weaves

CODE Virtual Reality & Gaming Centre

Come immerse yourself in the digital world and be amazed by some of the latest VR experiences from New Zealand and around the globe! Come immerse yourself in the digital realm at our Pop-Up Virtual Reality Centre!

CODE VR Artist's Stage

Drop by our live virtual reality artist's stage to watch local artists perform their craft in the virtual world. Drop by our VR Artist's stage during the Festival to watch local artists try their hand at creating art in the virtual world.

E-Waste Dropoff Point

Got e-waste? Bring it to us! We're running a FREE e-waste drop-off point for your end-of-life electronic items.

Engineering Challenges

Put your engineering skills to the test by attempting to build the tallest cup tower, strongest paper bridge or the sturdiest tinfoil boat. Explore some basic concepts of engineering and put your skills to the test!

HeartOtago Pop-Up Display

Head on over to the HeartOtago Pop Up display to see the winning entries from their recent student poster competition. Whilst you’re there, learn and explore more about the human heart. The HeartOtago Pop-Up Display features the winning entries from HeartOtago’s latest local initiative, the Cardiovascular Poster Competition.

Imagination Playground

The big blue blocks are back! Let your child's imagination run wild in this child-directed, open-ended play space. We provide the blocks, you provide the fun. The big blue blocks are back!

Lights, Camera, Science!

Join us for a “wild” afternoon of short science and nature films and Q&A with filmmakers from the Department of Science Communication.

Playing with Physics: Exploring the mysteries of the everyday

How do we know what is inside the Sun? Can we hold boiling water in our hands? The Department of Physics invites you to journey with us from the realm of the hot, to the very cold. Let's

Science Academy Expo

Come hear Science Academy Year 13 students present a series of short talks, 3-minute films and museum displays on a wide range of science topics.
Event Sold Out

A Sea of Sound – Coastal Care Workshop

Did you know the pigfish can grunt and shrimp can snap? Join musician Judah Kelley to investigate ocean sounds!

Space Science

Explore the moon, planets and stars - all without leaving Earth! We'll be simulating meteors on the moon, demonstrating gravitational forces and launching rockets! Come explore the science of the moon, planets and stars!

The Disinformation Project

Eroded information ecologies: social cohesion, trust and the impact of misinformation. With a focus on social cohesion and inclusion, this talk by Kate Hannah, Director of the Disinformation Project, explores the misinformation ecosystem, the role of trust, and provides a call to action

Understanding Three Waters: Science & Policy

What does science have to say about the need for water systems reform? Come hear from a panel of experts on public & environmental health and water policy working in the Three Waters space.